Small Grain Online Seed Tag Order Form

Fill out all required below to order your seed tags online.  Unless tags are pre-issued you are required to submit a copy of your seed sample sheet to our department prior to the ordering of tags.  Tags will not be issued until such time as we receive the form mentioned above.  Tags will be printed and shipped in the order that orders are received.  This program will generate a confirmation page that you may print out and keep for your records. 

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Please fill the fields that are not completed.  If you would like the minimum standards for each field printed on the tags leave the following fields as they are.  You can change them if you would like provided they are not less than the minimum required.


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* All tags will be shipped UPS ground unless otherwise specified

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Department of Plant Industry
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If you wish to order tags for more than one lot at a time please indicate the lot numbers and number of tags that corresponds in the following box.  You may also provide any additional comments here.