Department of Plant Industry

Identity Preservedä (IP) Program



The purpose of the Identity Preserved (IP) logo is to identify products that have met specific requirements designed to preserve the genetic and/or physical identity of the product.

  1. Eligibility Requirements
  2. Eligibility requirements for crop varieties/brands or processes utilized are such that a detailed description of the morphological, physiological, and other characteristics of the plants and seed that distinguish it from other varieties/brands or processes utilized must be provided for the inspection agency.

  3. Applicants Responsibilities
  1. Care of equipment
    1. Applicants, growers, and handlers of IP product are responsible for determining that all equipment used for planting, harvesting, conveying, storing, handling, and conditioning is thoroughly cleaned before handling IP product.
    2.   Maintaining identity of product
    1. Each field must be identified with a number or some other designation on the field application form and other pertinent documents.
    2. Maps showing field identities and locations must be maintained and furnished to crop inspectors.
    3. Field inspected product must be identified at all times.
    4. A bin or lot number must identify bins.
    5. If product is bagged, bags must be identified with a stenciled lot number or a tag securely fastened to the bag.
    3.    Record requirements

The following records must be maintained:

      1. Field number
      2. Amount of product harvested
      3. Assigned bin number
      4. Record of any product transfers
      5. Assigned lot numbers
      6. Copies of all completed agency documents
    C.   Application for field inspection

The application must include the following:

    1. Applicants’ address and phone number
    2. Growers’ address and phone number
    3. Field number
    4. Variety/Brand
    5. Program name
    6. Planting date
    7. Field size
    8. Field location
    9. Previous crop
    10. Seed source identity
    11. Signature of applicant
    D.   Establishing Source of Seed

The department shall be supplied with satisfactory evidence of the source of seed used to plant each field applied for inspection.

   E.    Field Inspection

One or more field inspections shall be made each time a crop is to be harvested and when genetic purity and identity or any other factor affecting product identity can best be determined. The Field shall be in such condition to permit an adequate to determine genetic purity and identity

    F.   Field Inspector Report

The inspector shall prepare a written report for each field inspected. The field will be passed if the conditions are satisfactory, but all or parts of the field will be rejected if program requirements are not met.

   G.   Product Handling

The following handling requirements shall be met:

    1. Facilities shall be available to perform handling without introducing mixtures.
    2. Identity of the product must be maintained at all times.
    3. Records of all operations relating to the program shall be complete and adequate to account for all incoming product and final disposition of product.
    4. Handlers shall permit the department to review all records pertaining to program product.
    5. Approved handlers shall designate an individual to be responsible to the department for performing such duties as may be required.
    6. Approval of handlers shall be on an annual basis.
    7. An authorized departmental representative shall take adequate samples.
   H.   Transfer of product prior to labeling

The following transfer options are available:

    1. Interagency - for completion of IP programs between states, contact the department for instructions.
    2. Intrastate (within the state) – an affidavit of product transfer stating the number of bushels or pounds transferred must be provided before labels can be issued.
   I.   Carry Over Product

All eligible product not used in the crop year of production must be reported to the department to remain eligible for future labeling.

   J.   Labeling

The product meeting specific program requirements may be labeled using the IP logo. The label must clearly state the program name.