Applicators now have three options to earn their re-certification credits: 

Option 1a Credits can be earned by attending classes on certain dates.  To check classes available during a date range, use the pull-down boxes below to select a beginning and ending date.  Then, click the Run Recertification Report button to see the list of classes for that date range.  You can also click the Print Whole List link to see the complete list. 

Desired Start Date:          
Desired End Date:



Option 1b To view courses that allow you to accrue credits in one particular category, please click on one of the reports listed below:  

  Category 3 Courses 

  Category 5 Courses 

  Category 7A Courses 

  Category 7B Courses 

  Category 8 Courses 

  Core Courses 

Option 2:  Credits can be earned by completing Online Computer Training Programs.  The courses are pre-approved and are offered throughout the current five-year re-certification block.  Click here to see a list of courses offered, along with the contact name and phone #.

Option 3:  Credits can be earned by attending Recurring Courses that are offered throughout the current recertification cycle.  These courses are offered at various times and places throughout the current recertification cycle.   Click here to see a list of classes offered and contact information.

  Email with questions/concerns related to recertification opportunities